CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Audio Cassette Duplication, Video Cassette Duplication, Audio Mastering, Professional Studio Recording, Video Production, Audio Editing, Audio Transfers, Video Transfers, Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Graphic Design, Onsite Printing, Packaging, 8mm Film Transfers, Voice Over Recording Fairview Duplication offer you the complete service, all under one roof, which allows us to take your project from start to finish with no fuss or hassle.

With over 35 years industry experience our mission is to ensure your project runs smoothly and is on time and on budget.

Cavewood Video & Broadcast TV
HD production studio for blu-ray authoring and HD editing, wet or dry hire at very competitive rates. We shoot and produce TV programmes & corporate videos.  Click image to visit the Cavewood website.

Call us for pricing and bookings free on 0800 0181482

Disk & Tape Repair / Restoration
New Media & Audio restoration and repair service now available. Broken tapes scratched CD's and DVD's need not be thrown away or purchased again.

Alternatively for a quick on the spot price you can call us free on 0800 0181482.


Professional Recording Studio

Contact studio manager Andy Newlove
on 01482 654686 or click image to visit the studio website


Duplication at affordable prices
Your CD’s and DVD’s copied, artwork printed and assembled into cases all in one place.

Call us free on 0800 0181482


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CD & DVD Artwork
Assemble your own or brief one of our designers and we will create your artwork for you. We can manage all of your printing onsite so you're not left waiting weeks for reorders or proofs.

Call us free on 0800 0181482



It couldn't be simpler! just get in touch with us to discuss your projects requirements and we will take care of it, no expedited costs for rapid turn around, our turn around rates are exceedingly fast and we are used to working to tight deadlines.
call 0800 0181482.




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