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8mm Cine Film Transfers

We use a single frame capturing system which captures every frame separately into the computer. To facilitate this, the film is run at 6 frames per second (about one third normal speed) and then put through a programme to bring it up to normal speed. All this process takes much longer than just videoing the projected film at normal speed, but the result is a much more stable picture, free from flicker.

The smallest reel (3 inch diameter) contains around 50 feet and the larger reels usually have a graduation scale on the spool so you can check approx. how much footage it contains. We can handle spools containing up to 400 feet.

Transferring the cine film from the projector to the computer is charged at £5.00 per 50 feet i.e. 10p per foot. A 50ft. reel runs for around 4 minutes

We charge a handling fee of 50p per spool for threading - focussing and rewinding.

Once the footage has been digitised into the computer we edit it all together to make a programme for burning to DVD. We add background music and an opening title plus chapter points.

For an extra fee we can add bespoke music plus more comprehensive titling and appropriate ambient sound and effects to bring the programme to life.

Compiling DVD

Basic - £10.00 minimum set-up charge (which includes up to 15 minutes of programme) plus 25p per minutes of programme thereafter.

Example of costing :

Order for say:-  5 X50 foot reels plus one reel containing 200 feet.
                         This adds up to 450 feet which will run for 36 minutes.

Total footage (Capturing) -  450 feet @ 10p per foot…..…..…£45.00
Reel Handling - 6 reels @ 50p per reel……………….....……...£3.50
DVD Compile & Burn - Minimum cost including first 15 min....£10.00
Extra time over first 15mins. is 21 minutes @ 25p/min…...….
£ 5.25

Sub Total…….…… £63.75

Extra DVD copies: £2.00 each (Plus VAT)

Capturing and digitising footage only (Usually uncompressed AVI files)

Use above capturing and reel handling pricing then just add 25p per minute of finished programme for transferring to memory stick or hard drive. (Plus VAT)

(Hard drives and memory sticks can be supplied by us at cost price or provided by the customer)

For further information and pricing call us free on 0800 0181482.





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