Terms & Conditions

1. General
All goods supplied by Fairview Duplication are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale. Fairview Duplication shall not be liable for any failure to perform its obligation where such failure is due to any cause beyond reasonable control. The description of goods given by Fairview Duplication is given by way of identification and may change without notice at any time.

2. Pricing
All goods will be invoiced at the price quoted. Delivery or insurance charges are extra. Discounts only apply when agreed by Fairview Duplication. All prices as quoted, verbally or written, are subject to current taxation. See 4.

3. Payment Terms
Fairview Duplication shall, as stated on the invoice, submit the terms of payment. For example; 30 days, C.O.D. etc. The method of payment will be at the discretion of the Company. We reserve the right to refuse to establish a credit account for any customer. It is at the discretion of Fairview Duplication to refuse or withdraw any credit facilities to any customer who has an established credit account. Payments made by credit card could be subject to a surcharge.

4. Value added Tax
All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT: The appropriate charge rate of VAT will be as stated on the submitted invoice.

5. Mutual Cover Caveats
Fairview Duplication shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused by any delay in delivering goods. Fairview Duplication accept no responsibility for any damages to customers material whilst in transit to our studios. On receipt of an order a customer should check the shipment immediately within 48 hours and in the unlikely event of any mixups, missing quantities or damages, contact Fairview Duplication for replacements, after the 48 hour grace period a full investigation will be required for a customer to be eledgable for replacements.

6. Content
The content of a customers master material is deemed the sole responsibility of the customer, however, if Fairview Duplication feel there has been a breach of copyright or breach of law then the master material will be rejected until the relevant issues have been dealt with and confirmed.


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