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Transfer older formats to modern media for casual listening or archival purposes.

We can transfer audio from one format to another. Most of the older formats include: Open Reel Tape - Cassette - Sony F1 Digital - DAT - Phillips DCC - Minidisc - Vinyl Records 78/45/33rpm and all CD Formats.

During the transfer the source material can be either left untouched or it can be processed for the maximum possible quality enhancement. See also the Restoration Page. This means that in some cases, the final product will show an improvement in quality over the original.

Analogue multitrack tape transfer

We can transfer 2 inch 24 track analogue tapes to wav files – usually onto hard drive. We can handle tapes recorded at 15 or 30 i.p.s. The multitrack tapes are played on an OTARI MX80 machine (We do not provide Noise Reduction facilities).

Many of these tapes suffer from ‘sticky shed’ which is a condition where the tape sheds a sticky dust which makes it pretty much unplayable. Before they can be played the tapes need a heat treatment (baking) which cures the condition for a few weeks.
(See Tape Restoration)

The above services are priced as follows:

2 inch tape baking.................................... See prices in
Tape Restoration Section.

Transfer tapes recorded at 15i.p.s........ £70.00 ea. (30 min. duration)

Transfer tapes recorded at 30i.p.s........ £50.00 ea .(15 min. duration)

The costing is worked out as follows:

Initial set up and first 15 mins. (minimum,) ....... £50.00
Each 15 minutes (or part) then charged at ........ £20.00

We can provide hard drives if requested at cost.

All prices subject to VAT


 Please call 0800 0181482 for prices.






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