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Audio Editing

We can take sound in any format and precisely chop, manipulate and apply effects, to enhance it from the original. Some level of mastering can also be applied to achieve the best sound from sometimes poor recordings; results do vary depending on the original state of the source material.

Good applications of audio editing would be broadcast audio for radio and television, audio based training material, music score manipulation and basic sound design for animation and film or any sound that requires sequencing or manipulating in a time based and flexible manner.

Audio Encoding

When space is of a premium we can compress audio information into the tightest space possible, this is particularly useful for Internet downloads where the speed of the download is highly important. We can encode into many different formats depending on the end use, MP3 and Windows Media Audio(.wma) formats being the most popular for fast and efficient Internet downloads.

High quality compression and encoding is also ideal for archiving old audio formats onto CD / DVD or onto your internal servers for quick access and quick review.

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